Monday, 10 April 2017

No Good | Oneohtrix Point Never

Unofficial music video for Oneohtrix Point Never's No good, from the album Garden of Delete.

This was largely the result of a whole heap of experiments in After Effects.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Animation for Foster Hope fundraising campaign

Produced by Mediaworks Foundation, with animation created by students from Animation College. The treatment was given to us by Mediaworks, and I served as the animation director on the project, but I also did a lot of the backgrounds and all the compositing for the animated segments. I had some help from some of the other Animation College staff as well.

Please check out the Foster Hope website and give generously if you can.

Edward Gibbon

The inspiration for this film came from working on the 48hour film challenge. I find the creative restrictions highly motivating, and so I decided to put myself through similar conditions. I gave myself 4 weekends (although I ended up doing 6) and asked a couple of friends to write a brief for me. The details of the brief were as follows:

The theme is Regret.

The protagonist is Jane Jay, whose power animal is a gibbon.

It must contain the prop: a stamp collection.

Use three seconds of stop-­motion animation.

Choose ONE of the following sequences:

• Origin Story
• A Chase
• Training Montage
• Twist Reveal


Made for the 48Hours 2015 competition. We won the award for Best Animation at the grand final.

As per the rules of the competition, we had to include a match cut or match dissolve, a character named Harper Harrison (who is thoughtless), bread, the line of dialogue; "oh really" and our film's genre was "horror."

I also made a "director's cut" a few months after the competition. The main differences are in the sound, the opening title and closing credits, but there's a few other adjustments here and there in the main film as well:

Where Drawings go to Sleep

This was basically a few small experiments wrapped into one project from 2014. My goals were:
  1. To create a film in my spare time in 3 months. 
  2. To combine 3D rendered environments with 2D animated characters. 
  3. To achieve a sense of "slow-motion" in the animation.


Made for the 48Hours 2014 competition, and selected as one of the Peter Jackson Wildcards for the Grand National.

This was the first time our team (I Love Loops) had entered the competition.

As per the rules of the competition, we had to include an extreme close up, a character named Morgan Foster (who is a liar), a ball, the line of dialogue; "Not with that you're not" and our film's genre was "race against the clock."

"Firefly" animation for Medicine Mondiale

This is a promotional video for an fundraising campaign for Medicine Mondiale's Lifepod Incubator. It was made by Animation College in 2014. I contributed storyboards, backgrounds, special effects and compositing.

Please visit the Lifepod website and give generously if you can.